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    mugs with logo attached x 250
    Children's paintbrushes with logo on handle x 1000
    pens x 1000

    please send quote via email

    12:16PM Sep 19th 2011 Ref:45621

    I volunteer at a local animal rescue and am looking to source on their behalf tie pin type badges and wristbands (500 tie pin badges and 500 wristbands initially)
    Can you please give me an idea of cost price and typical RRP for these items to see if this is a viable fundraising venture

    branding: 3 colour logo on black background, please send quote via email

    11:10AM Sep 19th 2011 Ref:45619

    I will need approx 30 picture viewers. I've seen them online for £20.00 but the price varies a lot.
    Just need a logo on the front - bottom right corner
    Would like to get one sample asap to ensure it's what we want, we'll need the rest by 14 October.

    please send quote via email

    10:28AM Sep 19th 2011 Ref:45618

    I currently live in Spain. Need quote for  2000-5000 beer_mats to a Golf bar here in Vera (Almeria)

    please send quote via email

    9:39AM Sep 19th 2011 Ref:45616

    Keyring Torch quantity of 100
    USB Pens quantity of 100
    Lanyards of quantity of 100

    branding: company logo. please send quote via email

    9:28AM Sep 19th 2011 Ref:45615

    50 mugs, 250 keyrings, 500 pens, 250 fridge magnets,

    branding: company logo. please send quote via email

    9:24AM Sep 19th 2011 Ref:45613

    Good day, please i want a quote on how much it is going to cost to order about 600 punched paper bags with a logo and some few printed words on it. most likely a small paper bag thank you.

    please send quote via email

    9:18AM Sep 19th 2011 Ref:45612

    We need 250 silicone_wristbands (60 red, 65 blue, 65 yellow, 60 green with print (website URL)

    Please send your best price and delivery time to Uk address. and send quote via email

    2:37PM Sep 18th 2011 Ref:45608

    400 silicone wristbands 200 in black with white writing ROOM 94 on front and back in arial bold font. And 200 in red with white writing ROOM 94 front and back, all adult size. I need these no later than 3rd October.

    please send quote via email

    8:52PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45604

    1000 lunch_boxes with 4 colour print

    1000 mugs 4 colour print
    1000 t_shirts with 4 colour print

    4:31PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45601

    I need 150 mini tubs of ice cream

    branding to be confirmed. please send quote via email

    4:09PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45599

    I am looking for some to supply giveaways for my clients at their exhibition stands.
    Is this something that you are able to provide.

    Do you deal with trade directly if so:
    Do you have a trade unbranded catalogue you would be able to send me so i would be able to pass the information on to my clients.

    Do you offer trade discount etc.
    The sort of things that i have been looking at are Key rings, mouse mats, coasters, bottle openers, lighters, pens, rulers, balloons, stress balls, lanyards and mint cards.

    please send quote via email and advise of lead times

    3:51PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45598

    2000 ladies wash bags

    branding: company logo and name, please advise of lead times ans send quote via email

    3:39PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45596

    Branded gift bags x400
    Branded MemoBlock x250
    Branded mints/ sweets x250
    Branded stress balls x250
    Branded lip balms x150
    Branded golf balls x150
    Branded Oyster Card holders x100

    company logo as branding. please send quote via email

    3:23PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45594

    250 x rubgy ball shaped table lamps with clients logo on the lamp body (this is the bit to look like a rugby ball) and with a shade to be printed to match the clients design

    2:58PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45591

    We need bespoke desk_calendars where we can select an image for each month and send a list of names to appear written in each image. Last year, we ordered 2000 - 3000 of these. They will need to be sent to approx 50 different addresses in batches.

    please advise of lead times and send quote via email



    2:07PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45589

    Quantity: 2,000 to 2,500 (of each bag)
    Black (Glossy)
    PVC Toiletry bag
    2 x sizes. Small Bag apprx: 18cm wide, Large Bag Apprx: 22cm wide.
    Screenprinted design on the side. 3/4 colours
    Delivered before the 8th October. Design with supplier by the 23rd September.

    please send quote via email

    1:44PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45587

    500 clear keyrings with name of the shop and address and phone number on it

    please advise of lead times nad send quote via email

    12:51PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45586

    I am looking for personalised christmas_baubles where we can have names + our company logo on. Names will have to vary as we want this to be personalised to our clients. Also, looking for xmassy theme to the bauble
    PLease can you send your quotes asap?
    Kind regards


    budget is over £1000. didnt specify the quantity, please advise. send quote via email



    12:34PM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45585

    We need to get our club badge created as an iron on transfer.
    Is this something you can do for us?


    needs 500 heat transfer badges. please advise of lead times and send quote via email

    11:41AM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45584

    quote please to produce lanyards with the name written on it quantity 200 , must be breakaway style and lanyard to be yellow with writing in red.
    Also 1000 clear plastic id card holders hard plastic. I also want to promote my id4me business and want a price for 2000 lanyards navy in colour with orange writing with web site address on the lanyard.
    Get back to me as soon as you can please.
    We have to get 3 quotes many thanks

    plrease send quote via email

    11:35AM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45583

    1000 packs of customised playing_cards

    branding: a flag and the football logo assocation or a mascot. please send quote via email.

    9:42AM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45580

    price for 500-600 personalised key_rings
    plus 500-600 personalised ball pens, plse include shipping
    to mainland spain and terms of payment. thanks

    please advise of lead times and send quote via email

    9:40AM Sep 16th 2011 Ref:45579

    5 Gym/kit bags with (and big enough to fit in):
    football (5 in total)
    cricket set (5 in total)
    2 bats (10 in total)
    small ball (5 in total)

    company brand on all items. please advise of lead times and send quote via email

    4:11PM Sep 15th 2011 Ref:45575

    105 sublimation printed transfers, 6 inches in diameter

    budget is over £100. please send quote via email

    3:24PM Sep 15th 2011 Ref:45572
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