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    Latest Requests

    mouse_mats full colour, 1000

    please send quote via email

    1:11PM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45865

    2x1000 Promotional Keyrings on flat leather in 2 different colours. Needed within the next month. Please contact by email.

    1:02PM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45864

    I need advent_calendars but with 50 or maybe 30 windows instead of 24. Branded - artwork supplied. Qty 100 - I know it's daft but just need an idea of cost.

    please send quote via email

    12:43PM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45863

    cash stash key rings silver- shiny preferably or matte. Qty: 1000
    If at all possible we wanted them for the 6th of October- or failing that the 11th of November.

    branded with company logo, please send quote via email

    12:15PM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45861

    Chocolate balls or circles to be branded with our Give a Garmin Christmas message. Can I get a qoute for 1000 and 2000. Do you have samples that will help our selection process?
    Please quote by email. Needed by November please. Thanks, Ben.

    11:32AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45860

    About 100 polo_shirts to commemorate our centinary year. Needa modern synthetic fabric, white with blue collar and arm edges.

    please send quote via email

    11:28AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45859

    Could you please let me know whether you can design the lanyard shown in the attachment, once given the artwork?
    If yes, could you also please supply me with a quotation for the production of 75 of them?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    10:58AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45856

    Coin/medal to celebrate 500 years of our school. Qty. 600. Please contact by email.

    10:48AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45855

    I would like a pencil that has an outer laquer of gold with a gold tip which covers the end of the pencil so that the lead is concealed. Quantity x 250, 500 & 1000 many thanks.


    10:47AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45854

    USB Drives 512/1|GB x 100/250/500 Printed up to 3 colours one side.

    Silicone wristbands printed one colour or debossed

    Lanyards 250/500/1000 printed one colour

    10:33AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45852

    Pencils x 500
    Pens x 250
    Eraser x 150
    Ruler x 75
    Pencil Case x 50
    Water Bottle x 100

    Branding 1 colour. Needed ASAP.


    10:14AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45849

    Silk scarves for members of a school

    start order approx 200 size 70x200
    Navy blue with two coloured stripes on one corner.

    Preferably contact by email.

    10:13AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45848

    Bone chine mugs to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee in 2012, with text probably in excess of 2000. Please contact by email.

    9:46AM Sep 27th 2011 Ref:45847

    hi we are looking for our logo on transfers/ stickers for hard hats, car windows, radios (walkie talkies) etc so in about 3 different sizes. so some (hard hats & radios or equipment) with just the logo, the car window stickers with contact details on. can you email details such as set up costs. We would be looking at around 500 (or minimum order quantity) of each item.

    6:09PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45843

    Hi I require 220 Black Wrist bands. I would like the same material and quality that the yellow "LiveStrong" bands have. I need the name in white in the same exact font which will be sent.

    Please get back to me asap.

    Needed ASAP.

    Regards Phil Page.


    6:01PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45841

    To whomever it may concern,

    I am currently researching into what options are available to create a calendar for my company and require 15,000.

    For this would you be able to please send over to me a brochure that includes all of the different products that you supply.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    5:46PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45840

    pens – pop up pens not ones with lids – 500/1000
    oyster card holders – purple with white text / maybe on back in white text – 500/1000.
    lanyards – purple with white text.– 500/1000.
    keyrings – purple with white text – 500/1000.(Adloop style)
    Promotional wristbands . Purple embossed.- 500/1000.
    Golf umbrella – purple with white text – 12 at most
    Coffee travel mugs – Purple with white text – 10 at most
    Cup coaster – Purple with white text – 50/100.
    Rulers – Purple with white text – 500.

    Please contact by email

    5:30PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45839

    Plastic rain ponchos for use at matches for Premiership Club. Probably 1500 to 2000. Please contact by email.

    5:20PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45838

    I am looking for a cheap train shaped piggy bank that can be marked with our name and logo. These will be given away as an encouragement to get young children saving. Please quote for price breaks from 200 to 1000.

    Needed by December 15th at the latest.

    4:44PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45837

    Gray or black background mugs with blue yellow and white image on it. lowest quantity 100 or 200. Quotes by email preferred please.

    4:34PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45836

    Looking for 3.5kg approx 30cm h plastic sweet jars approx 200. Please could you let me know price and shipping time and costs? We are looking to open a sweet shop on the 15th October. We are hoping to have 200 sweet jars all the same size and shape with our own logo printed.

    4:27PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45835

    250 vs. 500 pces pocket diaries , One block colour with company logo name emobossed. All to come to London office.
    Please can you give me an all in price to include artwork embossing and delivery. Total price and unit price. Please price according to if 250 were ordered vs. 500 were ordered. Thank you.

    4:25PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45834

    I am looking to get 35 medium umbrellas (storm proof). I want them to be all black with one panel that has the company logo on. I am gathering quotes at the moment. Please quote by email.

    3:53PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45833

    I am looking to place an order for 400 notepads
    200 to come to our London Office
    50 to go to our Guildford Office
    50 to go to our Milton Keynes office
    50 to go to our St Albans office
    50 to go to our Reading Office

    We are looking for A5 notepads which are glued at the header which would have the company logo at the bottom along with the office address.

    Would you be able to give me a quote inc delivery?

    3:47PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45832

    A5 plastic carrier bags with full colour logo both sides.

    500 and 1000 items please. Required for exhibition on 2nd November.

    3:18PM Sep 26th 2011 Ref:45831
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