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    we need 30 navy blue polo_shirts , must be able to have 2 logos embroided on them aswell as a printing piece on the back we have a budget of around £200 to £400

    please send quote via email

    1:06PM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45785

    Customised paper_fans . Quantity: Up to 1000.

    will email artwork for the branding. please send quote via email

    12:57PM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45784

    500-1000 carrier_bags using our logo. We would want the whole bag printed black with the white Lettering & Red lines printed .

    please send quote via email

    12:35PM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45783

    1,000 3 colour, 2 side beer_mats in card.

    please send quote via email

    12:35PM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45782

    I was enquiring about the costing of between 500-1000 pens for the rebrand of our company. The pens would need to be with one printed logo on them.

    Could you let me know the possibility of fulfilling this request and the costings of such a job.

    please send quote via email

    12:24PM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45781

    Organic Cotton ribbons 400 meters. company name printed on


    please send quote via email. budget is over £100.

    12:22PM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45780

    t_shirts   48
    mugs 50
    keyrings 250

    branding: company logo. please send quote via email

    12:21PM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45779

    Do you have a supplier that makes 'cash stash's' - the little bullet shaped keyring that stores cash inside?
    We would like a quote for 1000 please.

    please send quote via email. lead time 6th of October (but can be flexible)

    11:20AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45778

    1000 matches with our logo on

    please sent quote via email

    11:02AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45777

    We need 4gb usb_cards We need metal silver bottle_openers with logo on quantities would be upto to a maximum of 400 but I would like quotes for 100, 200, 300 and 400

    please send quote via email

    10:52AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45776

    3000 branded chocolate_coins
    5000 Scratch cards
    5000 Bank notes/ replica money notes

    branding: company name and logo please email quote

    10:33AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45775

    2500 logobugs

    please send quote via email

    10:25AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45774

    looking for branded promotional advent_calendars bwtween 200-500

    please email quote

    10:19AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45773

    Personalised rubiks_cube with our logo on them. please visit our website to see the logo
    Will need quote for about 100 , 250 and 500

    please email quote

    10:08AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45772

    I would like a quote of 250 tube 15mm break away lanyards with our logo printed on, 250 flat polyester break away lanyards with our logo printed on. Also 250 clear plastic ID card (credit card size) holders. Thank you

    please send quote via email

    10:00AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45771

    300 branded cocktail umbrella or cocktail stirrer.
    Need by Tuesday 3rd October in London

    please send quote via email

    9:25AM Sep 23rd 2011 Ref:45770

    Paper/card luggage label with ribbon or string tie.
    Logo on oneside and photo on the otherside
    Quantity for either:- 200 - 300 - 500

    please send quote via email

    7:38PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45768

    Magnetax tax_disc_holders .Please quote for 250 and 500. Printed both sides with 1 or 2 colours.

    please send quote via email


    4:31PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45765

    50 White clipboards printed with 4-colour logo on front

    please send quote via email. budget is over £100

    4:09PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45764

    School uniforms, reception to yr 6. Polo shirts, school trousers, sweatshirts and fleeces

    500 - 1000 in regular orders with a bulk order in the summer branded with school logos

    please send quote via email

    3:56PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45761

    Lanyards 250. branding: company logo and artwork

    needed asap (within 6 days if possible) - please advise. please send quote via email


    3:51PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45760

    50 rubiks_cube but with our company pictures on each side.

    please send quote via email. budget is over £100

    3:38PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45759

    250 Red lanyards with work experience printed on them please.

    please email quote.


    3:06PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45758

    We are looking for approx 250 poker chips with our logo on.

    please send quote via email

    2:47PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45756

    USB suitable for delivering our clients quotes, projects and also as a marketing tool with downloadable brochure on. One gig in size. Branded one side (logo and company name) and website on the reverse. Please quote for 100, 150 and 250 units.

    please send quote via email.


    2:10PM Sep 22nd 2011 Ref:45751
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