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    180 pedometers to measure step only

    please email quote

    3:57PM Feb 24th 2012 Ref:47935

    I'd need 180 of each lanyards . The print would be the same across all 540, but there must be three separate colours, eg 180 x red, 180 x blue and 180 x yellow.

    The lanyards must have wording written on them in one colour of clear font.

    They are needed before next Monday, 2nd March.

    please email quote and advise of lead times

    3:40PM Feb 24th 2012 Ref:47934

    500-1000 personalised fortune_cookies , the message inside the cookie can just be plain text but we were thinking purple packaging and have text on the packaging.

    Please email quote

    3:11PM Feb 24th 2012 Ref:47933

    pens about 900
    keyrings 900
    corporate gifts
    tshirts 16

    will advise of branding. please email quote

    2:58PM Feb 24th 2012 Ref:47932

    slippers (70) - Bramded with logo and some text

    usb_sticks (95) with company logo and some text

     please email quote

    12:19PM Feb 24th 2012 Ref:47930

    Two gaint tennis_balls (roughly the size of a football) branding: company logo

    please quote for minimum order quantity upwards or minimum order quantity if different. please email quote

    4:30PM Feb 23rd 2012 Ref:47923

    I am looking to get branded oyster_card_holders . Could you give me a price per thousand?

    please email quote

    3:36PM Feb 23rd 2012 Ref:47922

    200 heart lollipops that needs to be big enough for my logo to be on them. Want a love heart and they must be blue.
    Also need 20 shirts , just the most basic deisgn, they would be blue also and with my company name on them.
    About 500 balloons same again blue with name on them

    Please email quote

    2:37PM Feb 23rd 2012 Ref:47921

    100-150 cocktail glasses (Martini style) either engraved or with 2 colour logo print.
    Also cocktail glass printed paper coasters & napkins - same quantities please, can a quote be emailed?

    please email quote

    2:30PM Feb 23rd 2012 Ref:47920

    Small, cheap, hair combs or hair_brushes for children. Minimum 2000 with some writing as the brand

    please email quote

    12:41PM Feb 23rd 2012 Ref:47919

    200 Plastic drink holders for plastic cups branded

    please email quote budget is over £100

    12:02PM Feb 23rd 2012 Ref:47918

    1000 inflatable beach_balls by March 5th

    branding: 3 colour logo. please email quote

    10:56AM Feb 23rd 2012 Ref:47915

    drawstring_bags , water_bottles , pens , fold away umbrellas , travel/ oyster_card_holders .
    White base colour, full colour logo, red line design plus writing.
    Looking at large quantities, would appreciate quotes for <50k, 50k-250k, and >250k.

    please email quote and advise of lead times

    5:03PM Feb 22nd 2012 Ref:47912

    A5 Ringbound notepads

    Please quote for - Quantity - 250, 500 & 1000

    - Black background for front and back cover
    - At the top written in white
    - At the bottom written in white

    please send quote via email

    4:39PM Feb 22nd 2012 Ref:47911

    key_chains , small lights pins, bags , mugs , keyrings , pens , usb , tshirts , mouse_mats corporate gifts

    please quote for minimum order quantity for all items.

    branding: company logo

    4:19PM Feb 22nd 2012 Ref:47910

    We require matt premium quality tissue_paper , would like our logo in white on white or blue paper or our logo in blue on white paper. Looking for a low minimum order cost to trial this.
    Contact by email only until quotes proves attractive.

    please email quote

    12:11PM Feb 22nd 2012 Ref:47907

    200 pig shaped money_boxes with our company logos on.

    please email quote

    11:34AM Feb 22nd 2012 Ref:47906

    I need 3 Swedish national flags 1m x .5m but they need to be static and mountable with fixings to a exibition stand

    please email quote


    10:46AM Feb 22nd 2012 Ref:47905

    I'm looking to order 600 mouse_mats for a product launch and wondered whether you'd be interested in providing a quote? If you are interested, please contact me and I can give you more details about what I am looking for.

    branding: 2 logos and email adress in 2 colours. please email quote

    10:22AM Feb 22nd 2012 Ref:47904

    500-1,000 cheap promotional shopping_bags , printed 1 sided in 1 colour. Also include promotional posters, 6 and then 2 boards. We have 3 A-Boards which we would like good quality plastic signs to attach to as well as promotional boards to carry around town attracting tourists eyes.

    please email quote

    10:08AM Feb 22nd 2012 Ref:47903

    1000 white paper gift_bags approx 25x30cm+14
    Also 1000 transparent stickers with company logo approx 100mm x 100mm
    Delivery required in less than 1 week. please email quote

    3:49PM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47901

    Can you piease give me some idea of your prices for 30 football_shirts sublimation printed medium sized football shirts with several colours in them?

    please email quote 

    3:46PM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47900

    car_air_fresheners around 1000 double sided with our company logo/ artwork tel no etc on them if you could let me know how many words no etc we are allowed and a cost

    please email quote

    3:03PM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47896

    straws - quantity of 500 and 1000.
    One colour print to one position
    Burgundy coloured straw

    they wanted to source it for a client as they dont do straws. please email quote

    2:47PM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47895

    100 laptop_bags . With Dimensions 450 x 305 x 160 mm.

    branding: company logo. please send quote via email

    budget is between £1000-£2999

    2:41PM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47894
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