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    Horse fleece rugs in two colours with added piping and chord. Must have belly strap and two straps at the chest. Must have our logo on them. I would need about 25 in various sizes but all in the same colours. No tight time scale.

    please email quote


    2:35PM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47893

    The product is the disposable ponchos and umbrellas with a printed logo on the front. Also include umbrella with a printed logo as well same quantity.

    Could you please provide me with costs for the following quantities:


    Will adding a logo affect the cost of the ponchos and umbrellas?And i need to know how long it would take to receive the ponchos and umbrellas and also how much extra the logo will be.If you could provide me with quotes from 5 different sources for each that would be brilliant.

    Please email quote

    12:10PM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47889

    1000 plastic_carrier_bags printed 2 side 1 colour
    please email quote

    12:00PM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47888

    We need to produce a large number of promotional items for our many activities before and during the Olympics.
    We have posters for children but one idea for adults is to supply them with a quick and easy guide to the Olympics - schedule, who to watch, simple guide to rules etc....
    Please could you let me have some options.

    9:08AM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47887

    Three flag pole bases, 3 flags in Black with orange print
    budget is over £100. please email quote

    9:04AM Feb 21st 2012 Ref:47885

    ballpoint_pens with company brand on
    car_air_fresheners with brand on
    mugs with logo on

    please quote for minimum order quantity upwards. please email quote

    needed asap (within __6 days if possible) - please advise.send quote via email

    4:24PM Feb 20th 2012 Ref:47882

    ballpoint_pens 1000
    will advise of branding. please email quote

    2:56PM Feb 20th 2012 Ref:47881

    Looking 1000 adult wristbands in red - debossed with the wording (using logo) a website address (I can supply a photo). Debossed to be in white

    please email quote

    12:09PM Feb 18th 2012 Ref:47878

    I'm looking to order approximately 1000 silicone_wristbands for charity.
    I was hoping to make the silicon bands have the new Syrian flag on them which has the colours green, white and black as horizontal stripes and 3 red stars in the middle
    I was just wondering how much they would cost and how long it would take to deliver.

    for UK delivery. please email quote

    4:38PM Feb 17th 2012 Ref:47876

    200 black poly carrier bags with our logo printed on both sides in white.

    200 T-shirts all one size with company logo printed large on the front.

    4:37PM Feb 17th 2012 Ref:47875

    About 20 bumbags with wordings printed on the front.
    These are to identify staff at the clubs and for staff to keep essential items safe and hands free.
    We are a very small charity so cannot afford a large quantity.

    budget is over £100. please email quote

    3:13PM Feb 17th 2012 Ref:47874

    2000 r rain_ponchos , branded with our logo, one colour print.
    please email quote

    1:44PM Feb 17th 2012 Ref:47873

    Quote for 140 x bright green shower caps with logo printed.

    please email quote

    9:43AM Feb 17th 2012 Ref:47870

    250 - 300 customised key_rings for a university society with our own logo and brand name and our color scheme is silver and blue. We only have a small startup budget so would like to choose the best deal.

    Please email quote

    5:41PM Feb 16th 2012 Ref:47868

    1000 carrier_bags , approx size 6"x10" white with logo.

    please email quote

    11:38AM Feb 16th 2012 Ref:47866

    We'd like paper or card fans with our logo and details printed on one side. This would be black on red, so if red card was used then a single black ink print only would be needed. We've seen paper fans that fold, or lightweight cards that consist of 4 sections that slot together to make a fan shape - I suspect the latter is cheaper. We are a small independent Spanish bar so we would not need a very large quantity. Please quote for 1000 or 2000. Please email me if you need more details.

    please email quote

    10:41AM Feb 16th 2012 Ref:47865

    after providing a video file and artwork on the 24th Feb we would require 100 usb_pens (1 gb) back to us by the 6th of March for an event. 3 colour logo for the design. please provide costs asap

    please send quote via email

    10:11AM Feb 16th 2012 Ref:47864

    playing_cards 500 full colour print

    please email quote

    10:10AM Feb 16th 2012 Ref:47863

    Blue metal pitchmark repairer - with logo x 8,000
    Gotcha Proximity Markers - with logo x 200

    please email quote and advise of lead times

    4:15PM Feb 15th 2012 Ref:47862

    lanyards in white with logo printed on it. I will provide logo.
    ID Card holder for Lanyard
    Min order 1000 < 2000

    please email quote

    2:34PM Feb 15th 2012 Ref:47860

    Hello we are looking to buy car_air_fresheners with our
    company logo on them. At the minute around 1000 and I was after some free
    samples if possible or would this not be possible?

    please email quote

    11:41AM Feb 15th 2012 Ref:47858

    quote for 500/ 1000 x branded "grow your own grass pitch". They need to inlude logo (two colours).

    please email quote

    10:55AM Feb 15th 2012 Ref:47856

    Looking to order keepsake key_rings containing an engraved message and, possibly, the company logo. These will be given to clients who have graduated from our service as a momenmtoe of their achievement. Anticipate ordering 250 initially and would prefer to keyring to be fairly substantial and long-lasting - so stainless steel rather than plastic for example.

    Type of branding – still to be finalised but likely to include company logo and a short engraving of 15-20 words maximum

    Lead time –  the end of March

    please email quote

    12:47PM Feb 14th 2012 Ref:47853

    1000-2000 carrier_bags in full colour, both sides in the 20x18 and also include a quote for the largest size you do. Need it after a month.

    Please email quote

    2:56PM Feb 13th 2012 Ref:47850

    1000 x 2 colour print onto white balloons
    1500 x 2 colour print onto white balloons
    2000 x 2 colour print onto white balloons

    50 x 2 colour print hard hat stickers
    100 x 2 colour print hard hat stickers

    The colours for our logo are:

    Green pantone 361
    Blue pantone 300

    please email quote

    2:40PM Feb 13th 2012 Ref:47849
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