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    merchandise for a museum - bespoke printed notebooks x 150, diaries x 100, calendars x 100. We have a range of vintage prints from our archive and would like multiple designs per product.

    Also could i have a quote for 200 lanyards , 400 keyrings , 500 pens , 200 usb 's. All with a range of up to 15 vintage prints from our Archive. Many Thanks

    please email quote

    12:27PM Feb 13th 2012 Ref:47844

    i would like a quote for 1,000 water_bottles which need to be branded with our logo

    please email quote

    10:19AM Feb 13th 2012 Ref:47842

    Round small white or black gift_boxes about 65mm in diameter. Initial purchase of 250 increasing should sales increase.

    please email quote. branding: company name. budget is over £100.

    7:55AM Feb 13th 2012 Ref:47841

    1000-2000 carrier bags in full colour, both sides in the 20x18 and also include a quote for the largest size you do. Need it after a month.

    Please email quote

    4:49PM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47838

    Need quote each for door_hangers printing quantity of 10k, 20k and 50k. The size we want is: 205mm x 98mm. Need to know the price and estimated time of production.

    Please email quote

    3:36PM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47837

    250 burgandy lanyards with the Corps/Security in white lettering at tha bottom of the lanyard.

    please email quote

    3:02PM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47836

    1000 printed plastic_bags , 25x30cm, 2 colours, 2 sides printing

    please email quote

    1:35PM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47835

    Estimates for the following products:
    Coffee mugs
    Coffee Thermos flasks
    Iphone covers
    Laptop/iPad cases
    Estimates for each product at following quantities:

    please email quote. branding: charity name

    12:55PM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47834

    I need 50 pink foam fingers for girls

    breast cancer charity match they are holding at there school on march 1 .
    I am trying to get different things that they would not expect to have thanks

    budget is over £100.The event is on march 1. please send quote via email

    12:41PM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47833

    Looking for quote for 100-200 tshirts with print.  As of the moment i will be needing 3 samples and it will be large size, high quality, printed front back and sleeves. Concept design will be provided.

    Please email quote

    they are a design company and not a promo supplier. please email quote

    11:51AM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47831

    I need branded stickers , 500 of them, 1 color, around 5cmX4cm. i also need branded erasers. Finally i need branded exercise books, i am not for sure on maybe 100.

    please email quote

    11:20AM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47829

    1) Branded mugs
    Please quote for… 50, 100, 500 mugs
    - Full colour
    - Will need to display a logo and tag line
    2) Promo pens
    Please quote for… 100, 500, 1000 pens
    - Full colour
    - Will need to display a logo and a tagline

    If you can also please attach any images that might help to visualise the products!

    I am on a tight deadline for this so any information I can get before 3pm today would be a great help!

    please email quote

    10:49AM Feb 10th 2012 Ref:47828

    150-200 Teaspoons with a crest engraved on the handle

    please email quote.

    4:00PM Feb 9th 2012 Ref:47826

    hand_fans with our own logo and text

    possibly 500 - 1000

    3:48PM Feb 9th 2012 Ref:47825

    Round small white or black gift_boxes about 65mm in diameter. Initial purchase of 200 increasing should sales increase.

    please email quote. branding: company name. budget is over £100.

    2:32PM Feb 9th 2012 Ref:47824

    pens in Black - with full colour logo in one position.
    For sale in Visitor Centre shop so of good quality.
    Quote for 250, 500, 1000

    Promotional mugs for sale in our Visitor Centre shop. Black mugs of good quality with full colour print in one position.
    Quote for quantities: 50, 100, 250

    12:20PM Feb 9th 2012 Ref:47819

    Need 100k or 200k quote for bespoke print oyster card holders . We would want to print a union jack design.

    Please email quote

    5:25PM Feb 8th 2012 Ref:47815

    1000 bags for shoppers to hold litrature. 4 colour print, 2 colour print each side.
    email quote please.


    3:38PM Feb 8th 2012 Ref:47811

    Twister drive usb 256 MB - with 3 colour logo
    Quantity 50 can you also quote for 100 and 200
    Are you able to put a set of files on each of the USBs for us?

    please email quote

    3:33PM Feb 8th 2012 Ref:47810

    I would like to have some prices and images from dice. The 5 dice should be in a branded box and i need 500 boxes of those.

    please email quote

    3:30PM Feb 8th 2012 Ref:47809

    medallions shaped, polished, engraved or printed and boxed or ‘pouched’.
    I’m open to suggestions for similar but it must bear reference to a diamond, hence the suggestion that it is in polished acrylic.

    We would need 12,000 by the end of May 2012.
    Is this doable and roughly what would be the cost?

    please email quote

    3:19PM Feb 8th 2012 Ref:47808

    1,000 brown paper carrier_bags to carry T shirts in. Size required : 320mm x 410mm

    please email quote. will supply artwork. 1 colour on both sides

    1:03PM Feb 8th 2012 Ref:47805

    1000 pens . branding: company name

    please email quote

    12:17PM Feb 8th 2012 Ref:47802

    White-red-white headband and/or wristbands with black print or embroidery of company name

    quote for 250-1000 for each. send quote via email

    11:58AM Feb 8th 2012 Ref:47800

    Round vinyl car stickers (removable)
    approx 100 diametre or slighty bigger?
    x 2 colors
    please price for 250 & 500
    We have art work or at least something you can work with

    please email quote

    4:55PM Feb 7th 2012 Ref:47796
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