Promotional Ideas For Promoting Your Business and Brand

Are you struggling to find promotional ideas?

 When planning your promotional strategy, you should take a closer look at what your budget will allow you to do and consider the various options available.

Most often a marketing budget for a small company is more restricted, than a larger sized corporation. However, budget does not always play the most important role as there are many branded products that can be successfully applied to your strategy that have a low unit cost and do not need to be purchased in large quantities.

Surprisingly, not all organisations fully use the potential that promotional merchandise can offer. Many corporate businesses still underestimate the power of promotional products. It is perfectly understandable that in the current economic climate budgets are severely limited. However, promotional products are one of the most cost effective methods of promoting your brand.

With the UK coming out of recession, branded items are one of the key promotional ideas to consider in your marketing and brand strategy.  Either by directly targeting your employees and business partners through corporate gifts or using products like pens and potentially reaching greater audience via non-direct routes.

When looking for promotional ideas for your products, consider our list of the ‘Top 10 Most Popular Promotional Items’ based on comprehensive statistics taken from this year. We believe this list will help to accustom you with what promotional items are being searched for by other companies for their marketing campaigns. The following 10 suggestions might also be suitable for your business.

‘Top 10 Most Popular Promotional Items’

  1.  Lanyards

The most searched for promotional items are lanyards. There are many reasons behind this fact including their low cost and wide appeal. Lanyards are usually used as a key item with ID badges and offered out to attendees and exhibitors at shows. They are an exceptional way to promote a product or brand to a highly targeted audience. They can be easily purchased in large quantities at a low cost and successfully compete with other branded items.

  1. Key Rings 

Promotion Keyrings, Key Fobs Merchandise, Promo Keyrings, KeyringsThis item can suit any budget as its variations consist of plastic, leather, engraved and many kinds of luxury textures that can be used to produce this product. A company can use key rings to target customers directly as well as gaining exposure to third parties as any interesting key ring will be carried by its owner every day. This will increase the chances of this product being exposed to this person’s family and friends.

  1. Carrier Bags

Carrier bag is the promotional product if you company is involve in trade industry. They come in varieties of different shapes and sizes as well as various textures can be used to produce them: plastic, paper or more eco-friendly like canvas. On this product the possibility of logo exposure is even bigger as the surface of a bag can be used by up to 90% for printing. Many companies have logo printed on their bags as well as contact details and sometimes even maps with directions on how to find them.

  1. Key Fobs

Key fobs have a very similar function as key rings, and choosing them over these is usually a matter of taste. Some people prefer key fobs to key rings but most of the times the costs involved in the production of both are very similar.

  1. Drawstring Bags

The possible uses of this type of bag are endless. It can be used as a gift bag with a logo either printed or stitched on it. It comes in a variety of sizes too, which allows its purchaser to adjust the size of bag to the size of the gift contained. Drawstring bags can also be monogram designed to encourage exposure of the brand.

  1. Mouse Mats Promotional Ideas, Mouse Mats, Merchandise

Mouse mats have gained in popularity in the last decade, especially since having a PC has become ever more popular. Mouse mat designers come up with a range of designs to suits a range of diverse needs. Business choosing to use this product in their promotional strategy should think beyond just the common types of mats and consider other options like custom photo or gel mouse mats.

  1. Promotional Clothing

Promotional clothing is probably one of the most expensive options that can be used for promoting a brand. It is also one of the most effective promotional strategies when chosen carefully with a targeted audience in mind. One common mistake includes purchasing for a promotional clothing theme or idea that does not match the target market.

  1. Water Bottles

Water bottles are yet another promotional idea that can be used by many companies. In the last few years the awareness of how important water is to keep us focused and hydrated, has increased. For example water bottles can be used by companies to target runners in various marathon events in order to create greater brand and product recognition.

  1. Promotional Bags

Promotional Bags MerchandisePromotional bags including carrier, plastic, paper or nylon bags will always be considered as one of the best and most cost effective promotional items. They can be produced in large amounts and target a wide audience. Many exhibitors use show bags to make sure they leave lasting impression on anyone visiting their stand.

  1. Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are yet another form of exposing your brand to a greater audience. They are relatively cheap when comparing to other promotional products like promotional clothing and can be used by nearly all companies. Luggage tags can be a great way to target international audiences.


If you believe that none of the above product ideas are precisely suitable for your business, will provide you with plenty of alternative choices to suit your budget and requirements with an extensive range of perfect Promotional Products.

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