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BalloonGrip™ Wins Save The Planet Award 2019 at ECMA Congress in Malta

Posted in Company News on Mon 23 Sep 2019

BalloonGrip-Award-1200x628B-Loony Ltd, UK balloon printers are honoured to have been awarded the prestigious Save the Planet Award for their latest innovation, the  BalloonGrip™ eco-friendly balloon holder.

The awards were judged on multiple factors including design, logistics, efficiency, execution, shelf-life, brand impact, printing and folding techniques, usability, function and sustainability which was held at the ECMA Congress in Malta.

The winner of the Save the Planet Award, is recognised for a product which has completely replaced or reduced the consumption of a less sustainable material. 

With environmental impact high on everyone's agenda, BalloonGrip™ is the perfect example of sustainability, being 100% renewable and recyclable, it replaces plastic balloon sticks which are to be banned in the EU by 2021 along with single use plastic straws and cotton buds.

 Winning this award is a clear sign of international recognition of B-Loony's expertise, creativity, innovation and focus on sustainability.

 Pairing the new eco-friendly balloon stick with B-Loony's plastic-free balloons, which are in fact made from natural rubber which will biodegrade, creates a fun, user-friendly and sustainable toy, ideal for retail and promotional use.

The major benefit for the promotional industry will be the ability to print on the BalloonGrip™ which provides new branding opportunities previously impossible with traditional balloon sticks, allowing companies to continue using eco-friendly balloons for promotional marketing, without detriment to the environment; a true win-win for brands and the planet.

BalloonGrip™ is made from engineered paper fibreboard, which is suitable for recycling (EN13430) and energy recovery (EN13431). Plastic-free balloons are made from Natural Rubber which is fully sustainable and will biodegrade.


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