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The Power of Promotional Merchandise

Posted in Editors Column on Tue 28 Feb 2012

Towards the end of 2011 the BPMA published findings from the first ever in-depth independent national survey into the power of promotional merchandise in the UK. One of the most significant findings of the survey was that promotional merchandise can deliver a higher ROI than radio and outdoor advertising and a ROI that is equal to TV and print advertising. Not only is the return on investment for promotional merchandise greater than or equal to that of other advertising, but the cost can be significantly lower. The cost per impression for a mug is £0.001, a mid-range pen £0.001, a calendar £0.004, a USB stick £0.005 and an umbrella £0.003. With an average cost per impression of £0.003, these figures compare extremely favourably with the cost per impression of other media with TV coming in at £0.008, radio at £0.003 and advertising hoardings at £0.003.* These figures show that promotional merchandise is a highly-cost effective option. With this new evidence, the hope is that many more people will realise the value that should be placed on promotional merchandise as a vital part of any marketing strategy.

The survey also highlighted the products that people would most like to receive. USB sticks came top of the poll, with pens, electrical items and mugs not far behind. The popularity of these items is directly related with their perceived usefulness and this also corresponds with the length of time respondents were likely to keep the items. The usefulness of a promotional product is a key factor in whether it will be retained and used regularly, thereby providing an on-going reminder of your brand.

As we get further into the year we are seeing a steady increase in the number of quick quotes being posted and the popular products definitely tally with the BPMA’s survey results. USB sticks, pens and mugs always feature strongly on the Quick Quotes board but there have been new trends emerging.

2011 saw an increase in the number of green items being requested and this is a trend set to continue through 2012 and beyond. Suppliers have developed eco-friendly versions of classic promotional items such as organic totes and recyclable sports bottles, which are not only effective for brand awareness but are also effective in establishing corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Especially in the latter part of 2011 we saw an increase in requests for gender based promotional items. Corporations have become far more aware of the distinct preferences of male and female recipients and that by providing separate gifts they have a higher probability of use. Gender based requests on the quick quotes board have centred on items such as make-up bags, compacts and nail files for women and leather folders, wallets and money clips for men.

This year we are also seeing an interesting trend towards promotional items aimed at children, with quote requests for pencil cases, soft toys and money boxes. These items can easily capture a child’s attention and raise their awareness of a brand as an indirect customer.

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*See article: BPMA Independent Research on the Impact of Promotional Merchandise

Lauren Cayless White,

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