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Emc Advertising Gifts

Emc Advertising Gifts

Huge range of Advertising, Promotional, Corporate Business Gifts, Incentives & Souvenirs.
Over 40 years experience in the Industry. Free artwork and design of your message from our experienced studio. Full factory print processes and embroidery in house.

Sussex Promotions Limited

Sussex Promotions Limited

Sussex Promotions is one of the leading Business Gifts Houses in the South East, recognized by the Trade as one of their Top 10 distributors nationwide. Holding ISO 9000 for quality processes and the BPMA’s Charter Status you can be confident with Sussex Promotions looking after your brand, and delivering the right product at the right time for your event. Contact us today for Business Gift ideas that meet your brief.

CL Promotions

CL Promotions

We have been suppliers of advertising calendars, diaries, UK corporate gifts and desktop items for over 10 years. We will ALWAYS make contact with you by phone to confirm of your enquiry details and ALL orders receive a free proof of design.

Free Promotional Item Sourcing

Free Promotional Item Sourcing

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Promotional Solutions U.K. Ltd

Promotional Solutions U.K. Ltd

We supply advertising company calendars, diaries along side a huge range of business gifts, pens, mousemats etc. Corporate clothing and golf accessories, all enquires for any promotional product welcome.

Product Network Ltd

Product Network Ltd

Importers, Manufacturers and distributors offering the latest in promotional and corporate merchandise at highly competitive prices. Current client list includes: Sky TV, Universal,, Heart 106.2fm, Hallmark Channel and many many more.

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Promotional Merchandise: Umbrellas

I defy you to name anyone that doesn't own at least one umbrella. Many of us carry them around on a daily basis, and given that umbrellas are such an incredibly common sight, why not consider using them to your advantage? Branded umbrellas can be a great marketing tool, and should always be considered by businesses who never let a bit of rain stand in their way and instead, embrace it.

Why give branded umbrellas?

Branded umbrellas can be a fantastic way of getting your company brand noticed by the masses, particularly when we get to enjoy the good old British weather. By giving promotional umbrellas to your clients, potential customers and even your employees you're instantly increasing your profile, because every time they open their company umbrellas you'll be getting your brand noticed.

Personalised umbrellas are bound to be used on a regular basis, and if you choose quality options then they're going to last. This means that one promotional umbrellas hit could easily do the job of countless separate advertising campaigns - if your targets use their personalised umbrellas every time it rains then your brand will be out there far more regularly than if you simply put an ad in the paper; making branded umbrellas a time and cost-effective way of increasing your profile.

Better yet, people will always be happy that they've been given a promotional gift that they can actually use. Practical gifts are always appreciated and personalised umbrellas certainly fit into this category, and because you've given them such quality promotional umbrellas, they'll be much more likely to keep you in mind in the future.

The importance of choosing quality company umbrellas

Whether you're giving your branded umbrellas to staff, corporate clients or even prospective clients, you always need to make sure that quality is upheld at all times. No-one likes having an umbrella that breaks after the first few uses or that snaps in a strong wind, so if you want to make the right impression then you should always ensure that you opt for quality company umbrellas.

Besides, how can people trust you to do the job if your company umbrellas can't? Every marketing tool is a reflection of your company as a whole, so the quality of your personalised umbrellas should always be of paramount importance if you want to retain those customers.

Sourcing company umbrellas with Promotional Merchandise

Of course, you're only going to find these quality company umbrellas if you know where to look. That's why you need to come to us here at Promotional Merchandise for personalised umbrellas, because one browse through our directory of suppliers could be all you need to find the exact promotional umbrellas that you're looking for.

Finding personalised umbrellas in this way is quick, easy and hassle-free, and if you use our quote form the whole thing becomes even simpler. You get to find the ideal promotional umbrellas in the quickest possible time, letting you get your marketing campaign off the ground before the next storm kicks in. What could be better than that?

So, always consider investing in branded umbrellas as a fantastic way to increase your brand awareness. Once you've got quality promotional umbrellas by your side you can be confident that your marketing technique will pay off, and then all you have to do is pray for rain!