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    Latest Requests

    I am looking for 1000 wristbands purple in colour with white writing embossed on them. Can you give me an idea of price and lead times. We require them for 1st September 2014. Also a price for 1000 badges and 100 balloons with our 1 colour logo on them.

    2:39PM Jul 29th Ref:52250

    looking for affordable prices for:
    Cool boxes printed with company logo.

    Large, 28Litre, or 24 or 26 or 30 or 32 - that sort of size - 10 boxes but prices for 20 as well

    It is the blue , orange, black and white company logo in the top left hand corner

    Please advise of lead times

    12:45PM Jul 29th Ref:52249

    We want to produce Winter Warm Bags for the old and vulnerable, so we need quotes for Personalised Carrier Bags (Bags for Life) at this stage, around 100 depending on price.

    11:40AM Jul 29th Ref:52248

    Hi Good Morning,

    As part of our food festival 6/7 September we are running a Beer Trail throughout the town.
    We are looking for approx. 250 miniature beer glasses 250 tankards holding approx. 6cl

    Engraved if possible with - Horsham Beer Trail 2014

    Please could you provide a quote for both?

    Best regards


    9:38AM Jul 29th Ref:52247

    300 yellow silicone wristbands - 60 in toddler size, 240 in youth size. Printed with dance company name in one colour.

    Needed by 8th August

    1:42PM Jul 28th Ref:52246

    x100mugs and x250 coasters
    Branding with contact info + logo with 2 colours

    Please advise of lead times

    10:45AM Jul 28th Ref:52245

    I’m looking for Brochure, cardboard Folder, Leaflet and business card. - x500 each item . We are looking for a simple style, original folders in which we can put our brochure, leaflet and business card. Please quote for with embossed logo and without.

    please advise of lead times.

    4:34PM Jul 25th Ref:52244

    MOQ keyring flashlights with 1 colour logo
    MOQ trolly coins with 1 colour logo

    please advise of lead times

    2:55PM Jul 25th Ref:52243

    Promotional mugs

    Can you give a quick quote for 87-18142 quantity 250 in white, with 2 colour logo printed on
    Can you give a quick quote for 87-18142, quantity 250 in white, with 2 colour logo printed on

    in white, with 2 colour logo printed on

    Needed in 2-3 weeks

    11:29AM Jul 25th Ref:52242

    Leith Rugby are hosting an open day on the 9th August, and I was wondering if you were able to give me a quote for a batch of branded car stickers/normal stickers/badges for promotional giveaways?

    x250 car stickers
    x250 pin badges

    both will be branded with 1-2 colour logo

    Needed before 9 Aug 2014

    4:44PM Jul 24th Ref:52241

    100 aprons, 1/2 or full
    Polo shirts x 20, 50 and 100
    1000 wine charms
    20, 50 and 100 table runners/table cloths
    500 and 1000 coasters
    20 golf type umbrellas

    Each item will have different logos as they will feature different sponsors

    Needed by 10 Feb 2015

    3:01PM Jul 24th Ref:52240

    x100 lilac dipaer bags for nursery children

    x100 lilac hookbags/backpack for pre-shcool children

    branded with logo and an image (globe with children around)

    Please advise of lead times

    11:31AM Jul 24th Ref:52239

    500, 1000 and 2000 personalised cocktail umbrellas
    with full colour image 
    Needed by 18 August

    3:18PM Jul 23rd Ref:52238

    We require standard size plastic white carrier bags printed with our logo.

    Could we have quotes for these quantities of bags printed:

    Could we also find out the prices for both printing on one side and two sides. And the difference in price for printing in colours or black and white.

    We would like to get the bags as soon as possible, please advise of usual lead times.

    2:38PM Jul 23rd Ref:52237

    I am looking for plastic shopping bags printed with our logo

    Our logo is 4 colours and we need it on both sides

    Our logo is 4 colours and we need it on both sides

    please quote between 3,000 & 5,000

    Needed for beginning Sept


    1:23PM Jul 23rd Ref:52236

    looking for affordable prices for x1500 custom made airfreshners

    printed with 2 colour logo

    Please advise of lead times

    1:04PM Jul 23rd Ref:52235

    we are looking for MOQ fridge magnets, jute bags, cotton bags, keyrings, and pens with our logo. We would also need details regarding delivery charges, and any orgination charges

    Please advise of lead times

    12:36PM Jul 23rd Ref:52234

    please quote prices for 10,000 handheld pvc flags
    2 color print blue/yellow (like european flag}

    unable to produce this item

    item needed middle of september

    12:16PM Jul 23rd Ref:52233

    x100 750ml personalised water bottles
    The logo is one colour and the water bottles need to be red with a white cap

    could we also have a quote to put the swimmers name (so a different name) on each bottle as well?

    we don't need them until Oct

    11:26AM Jul 23rd Ref:52232

    Looking for 500 black matte paper gift bags printed with our logo in gold. Rope handle and slit cut in top for ribbon tie. Size 24H x 16w x 8d.

    1000 fairly thick tissues(22-24 gsm) with the same logo

    Please advise of lead times

    4:24PM Jul 22nd Ref:52231


    I am based in the UK working on an announced game title, so cannot discuss any specific artwork details.

    We are not currently working towards a decided budget, ATM I am looking to find the most appropriate merchandise supplier.

    Please can you provide a rough indication of the cost/lead times required for the items below at the following quantities?

    Quantities 500, 5000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000

    Can you confirm the lead time for each item from the point the artwork is approved to delivery?

    Please can you provide rough quotes for the most expensive, cheapest and mid quality version of each product (if applicable?)

    All bespoke designs.

    - Bespoke Floaty Pen
    - Bespoke Cable Climber Figurine
    - Branded Phone Charger
    - Bespoke Kite
    - Branded Messenger Bag
    - Bespoke Onesie

    Can you confirm if the artwork needs to be provided of if you also offer a design service?

    Many thanks.

    Please contact by email only

    3:04PM Jul 22nd Ref:52230

    looking for cheap prices for about 200 (possibly more) little pouch bags (to contain earphones) (image will be forwarded).
    Also, I am looking for 50 good notepad-pen bundles (about 13-16£ budget for these); alternatively, we might consider either power banks or portable Bluetooth speakers instead.

    please advise of lead times.

    2:12PM Jul 22nd Ref:52229

    looking to get a price on some inflatable footballs
    size 40cm diameter
    we are looking to have our branding printed with green and black on to these and would require the price to include this,
    Qty required 100

    Needed in 3 weeks

    1:56PM Jul 22nd Ref:52228

    We need 25 tabards, bright in colour, with some writing on one or both sides in black printing if possible. Artwork will be supplied.

    Please advise of lead times

    11:20AM Jul 22nd Ref:52227

    50 vinyl personalised aprons branded with the school logo (4 colours) - about 60cm by 40cm, a tall ship and three letters.

    Needed by September.
    Would prefer contact by email.


    3:12PM Jul 21st Ref:52225
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