Top 10 Tips on ordering confectionery products for Christmas

on Wed 22 September 2010

Andy Fairburn has been involved in the confectionery industry for ten years and in Sales and Marketing for over 20 years. He Co-founded GroovyChocolate in 2001. The company has always been at the forefront of new product innovation and won the Best Promotional Merchandise Website award in 2008. Today GroovyChocolate counts major brands, including Virgin, Sony, HSBC and Microsoft among its regular customers.

Here are Andy’s Top 10 Tips for ordering confectionery products for Christmas.

1 Order a bespoke Advent Calendar!

Having a fully personalised advent calendar is really inexpensive and a full colour design can be printed on as little as 100 calendars.

2 Make sure your advent calendars are made in the UK.

This will ensure good tasting, quality, chocolate and prompt delivery in time for 1st December.

 3 If you can’t see what you want, just ask!

Most confectionery companies can create bespoke items, so if you can’t see what you want just ask – most things are possible.

4 If you don’t know what you want just ask!

Again, most companies are very good at working with clients to provide ‘solutions’ to their problems and might come up with ideas you’ve never thought of!

5 Splash out!

Christmas is the one time of the year where clients do splash out – so consider adding a few luxury accessories – bespoke boxes, extra tags and ribbons,bells and whistles!

6 Don’t be afraid to offer the unusual!

Unusual gifts get you noticed and ensure you are remembered – chocolate coated sprouts anyone?

7 Try adding some extra personalisation!

It’s easy to add an individual’s name to a promotional chocolate gift, it doesn’t cost that much more and is so much more impressive to receive.

8 Remember Advent-style calendars can be made to reflect other faiths.

Calendars can be printed as holiday calendars for non-Christian recipients.

Don’t leave it until the last minute.

Christmas is the busiest time for confectionery companies, so order in good time to avoid disappointment.

10   Remember, Chocolate is really good for you (in moderation of course!)

It contains all sorts of anti-oxidants (honest!)

Andy Fairburn


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