Top 10 Tips on Preparing and Supplying Promotional Merchandise for a Special Occasion

on Mon 21 February 2011

PROMOTA CEO, Annette Scott, gives her Top 10 Tips to ensure that you review all the information required when giving a brief for promotional merchandise products for special events or occasions.

PROMOTA is the leading independent trade association for the promotional products industry, representing a high calibre of both supplier and distributor members. The association represents members from across the industry and promotes best practice, professionalism and high quality service.

1.      Delivery Date required

This is a key point, a special occasion or event will have a date and no matter how good the products are, they are absolutely useless if they arrive after the event. Is your requirement on a very short lead-time or, if you have a lead-time of 12 -16 weeks, there are possibilities for bespoke products made in corporate colours at no or minimal additional cost. 

2.      Specify the type of special occasion 

Staff recognition, launch of new product or service, brand awareness campaign, or are the goods to commemorate an occasion such as the forthcoming Royal Wedding or Olympics 2012? 

3.      Specify the maximum budget allocation per product

Is the item to be 20p or £20? 

4.      Specification for the product  

Colour, style, sleek, chubby, traditional, modern or retro? For clothing you need give even more detail, state your size requirement, better still, ask for a clothing chart. 

5.      Specify the preferred material

Leather, metal or PU. 

6.      Specify the size of the product where possible 

With so many different sizes available make sure you have a size in mind to help narrow down your options. 

7.      Specify your pantone colours and print requirement  

This is useful to enable your provider to source standard product that may be a close match to your corporate colour. State if your pantone match is coated or uncoated this can make a difference. Always supply a high-resolution image. 

8.      Print specification

Where possible supply an image, specify if there are tints in your logo and whether they are required. For example, shades of blue require a different print process and might increase your cost to a four-colour print, when one could be sufficient. 

9.      Request a visual of the product quoted for

This is very important so you can see exactly what you are getting. 

10.    Request the key contact for dealing with your enquiry

This will enable you to build a relationship with your promotional merchandise provider. They will use their product knowledge to feed you with ideas for any future campaigns. 

Annette Scott, CEO, PROMOTA     

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