Top 10 Tips on Selecting the Right Promotional Gift

on Tue 23 November 2010

Sean McDonagh is Account Manager at Yellow Pig Promotions. He has worked in the promotional products industry for just four years, but in that time he has become a key player in the development of Yellow Pig Promotions as the company continues to expand, serving clients throughout the UK and EU markets. Yellow Pig Promotions has grown to currently 12 staff in three international offices including the UK, EU and The Far East, and all in less than 1100 days! 

Yellow Pig Promotions has a strategic growth plan and expects to hit 100% growth each year over the next five years. Watch this space as Promo e-News will be charting its progress in our news pages. 

In the meantime, Sean gives below his Top10 Tips on Selecting the Right Promotional Gift. 

1. Know your market! You know who your customers are! Study them, what they want and how you can put your name in front of them at the exact time when they need your services! 

2. Leave it to the experts!  Promotional products distributors are not just distributors of products but EXPERTS in promotional products! Use our knowledge to ensure your campaign delivers the correct message, at the right time, to the right people resulting in a targeted marketing campaign and not just another giveaway! 

3. Quality over Quantity. Think of an umbrella; if your prospects see an umbrella with your brand on it and it’s protecting the user from getting wet, they can only think good thoughts, thus associating your brand with good thoughts. However, if you put your brand on a ‘budget’ umbrella then the inevitable happens and the umbrella ends up in a public bin, your prospects may see this and they’ll associate your brand with ‘trash’, as that’s where they see it! It’s your brand! Think hard about what you associate it with! 

4. Call to action. Always try to include a call to action on your merchandise ...  not only will your campaign have more chance of success, but you will also have a tangible account of the results from your campaign. 

5. Lead times. I would always advise ordering your printed promotional merchandise at least 14 weeks prior to when you need it ... if you use this rule of thumb your distributor will always be able to offer you the best price as inevitably they can go direct to the manufacturer. 

6. Product Selection. Putting your company’s name on a product is a very important decision! Make sure you are certain that you have made the right decision in product choice??? Ask your distributor for FREE mock-ups and FREE samples as this plays a key part in ensuring you choose the correct products for your campaign! Also minimise your risk by using a reputable supplier who can offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

7. Ask for help! Please don’t try and make important decisions on your own, like ‘What merchandise should I use for my event?’ Any reputable promotional merchandise distributor should be able to offer you a FREE report on what’s HOT and what’s NOT for your industry.  Remember you are not alone and you have EXPERT help at hand. 

8. Be creative and STAND OUT. 10 of your competitors at a trade show are handing out pens with their company details printed on them ... you are swapping business cards for a FREE Parker pen which entitles the receiver to 5% off any orders within one month of the show ... Who is going to be in higher regard? You or your competitor? You give out 250 pens in exchange for 250 business cards..... Your competitor simply gives away plastic pens! Who gets the business? 

9. Check twice - print once. Your final artwork proof is VERY important. It’s the heart of your order coming to life! Please check it and ensure it’s perfectly correct? NEVER assume anything when it comes to printed promotional products.... ‘I assumed it would be printed both sides’ is not an excuse! Your FINAL proof is your guarantee of what will be printed PLEASE, PLEASE ensure its right before sending it back signed. 

10. Search and deploy. Please always remember that if you don’t see what you require in a catalogue or website, the chances are it can be manufactured for you to your exact requirements. Ask your distributor if you can’t see what you are looking for! 

Sean McDonagh,

Account Manager,

Yellow Pig Promotions 

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