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    1. Realta recycled twist pens.

    500 off x 2 kinds, one white with green cap, one white with blue cap. 2 sets of artwork. 2 colours. Please give total inclusive price of supply, print set up costs, origination and delivery.

    2. Recycled Trill Phone Holder

    250 off x 1 kind.
    Printed in 2 colours to 2 positions. Please give total inclusive price of supply, print set up costs, origination and delivery.

    Delivery of both items to one Northamptonshire address.

    Items must be recycled so substitutes cannot be accepted.

    12:00AM Sep 30th 2006 Ref:15820
    I am after sourcing some unprinted Blue dusters, same as the yellow ones but dyed blue with Darker blue overlock stitching. They have to be of good quality and to measure approx: 50cm x 40cm and individually folded in half to measure 40cm x 25cm. Packed in 10's and bales of approx: 2000.
    12:00AM Sep 30th 2006 Ref:15821
    Magnifying Glasses 63mm dia glass with chrome ring and screw on handle 150 wantes
    12:00AM Sep 30th 2006 Ref:15822
    plates, dinnerware, tablecloths, sheets, duvets etc. small quantities to start. With logo
    12:00AM Sep 30th 2006 Ref:15823
    100 branded pens for a charity club. 1 colour. two lines
    12:00AM Sep 30th 2006 Ref:15824
    50 super mini umbrellas;
    500 cardboard cup holdes for polystyrene soup cups;
    150 ice scrapers;
    600 flashlight keyrings.
    All to be branded with a logo in 2 colours
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15800
    Up to 200 T-shirts for girls (BC018 size) please send catalogue
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15801
    Looking for small tags about 2.5 x 4.5 cm, printed with logo and text and preferably ready strung. Would need about 200 of these to start with.
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15802
    500,000 paper/plastic slapper bands with a full colour print.
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15803
    I need to get hold of 15 plastic gold blank records which I need to mock-up for a client presentation. Can you help??
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15804
    I am looking for an environmentally friendly mouse pad/mat. made from environmentally friendly materials and inks if possible.
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15805
    Looking for a cloth/leather'ish type of pouch to hold a box made of Clear Polystyene and External Size 87 mm x 67 mm x 15.5 mm.
    First order of 1000 units, then 1000 a month there after.
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15806
    2000 Slim wall Calendars max size 300 X 150mm
    With Logo 2 colours
    100 Advent calendars with Logo
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15807
    300 branded USB flash drives 128mb with company logo (2 colours)
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15808
    Small round and square logo promotional mats, round approx 20" diameter and square about same size
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15809
    childrens plastic chairs and stools in different sizes
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15810
    6 x 4 photo frames, plain gold colorued frame
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15811
    We need branded chopsticks for a take away chain.
    Quantities of 10000.
    We need lead time and prices, thank you.
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15812
    Pens 600 T-shirts 200
    Keyrings 500
    We would need our logo Printed
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15813
    Please quote for 3500 of the cheapest pens, logobugs, keyrings and mint boxes you offer with logo printed ( logo) delivery to the address below
    delivery on 26.10.2006 at the latest. Please include pictures (blue colour or frosted finish preferred).

    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15814
    wax backed paper coasters, plain edge (not scalloped), 2 colour, x50,000.
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15815
    cheapest style of matchbox you can offer (whether it be book or box style)with logo
    (2 color) x 5000

    also, x 5000 quality HB pencils, hexagnol, with text printed in one color

    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15816
    About 20 keychains and t-shirts with our company logo on them for a young enterprise company.
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15817
    We are looking for custom badges to be sewn onto clothing an other things. Must have company name and logo. Approx 50 required.
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15818
    300 rubix cubes they dont have 2 be rubix brand but have to be 3x3 style
    12:00AM Sep 29th 2006 Ref:15819
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