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    Latest Requests

    100 Ladies Wallets or possibly hats (would welcome ideas for promotional gifts) - price for logo and without.

    1:17PM Dec 31st 2010 Ref:36832

    10,000 tea towels with our logo (3 colour) printed onto them.

    Needed by April.

    2:54PM Dec 29th 2010 Ref:36826

    I'm looking to produce some branded water bottles and pedometers (if you can source those?). My budget is £1000 and I'm looking for get as much for my money as possible.

    The logo will be two colours on a coloured background or three on a white background.
    Based on the above can you provide some options for me? Please advise on UK shipping timescales.

    9:32AM Dec 29th 2010 Ref:36824

    We want quotes for 500 and 1000 t's
    and for 500 or 1000 bibs
    There are two different print images that we will use, only on the front
    they are full colour print
    Bibs - all white, and with a Velcro closing, not one that you put over your head
    T's - divided equally in sizes for kids 6-12 months, 1-2 years and 2-3 years
    colours - can either be all white
    Also we would also like some quotes on baseball T's Both long and short sleeves, if it’s not too much more expensive

    11:00AM Dec 23rd 2010 Ref:36809

    magic wand 3000

    3:35PM Dec 22nd 2010 Ref:36808

    Heavy black tablecloths . 144"x70" and round cloths 134" diameter. 300 of each. Plain, no print or embroidery

    11:56AM Dec 22nd 2010 Ref:36805

    I need adhesive labels  - round with business name and text - to wrap tissue - 1000.

    Contact by email please.

    11:09AM Dec 22nd 2010 Ref:36804

    Branded mugs , coasters , scale rulers
    (100 of each, 200 of each, 300 of each assuming that price is dependant on quantity ordered)

    10:36AM Dec 22nd 2010 Ref:36803

    We are looking to source some mugs for a clients new brand launch on the 4th January.

    If you were able to supply these within the time frame, we can provide artwork, etc... today. We would initially be looking at ordering your minimum quantity but with a larger order to follow in late January.

    We appreciate that our time frames cover the Christmas period and so we are sending this email to as many people as possible to establish who is able to supply. The first people to respond and confirm delivery would be on or before the 4th January will get the order.

    If you can help, please contact me by return email or on my mobile.

    5:34AM Dec 22nd 2010 Ref:36801

    We are looking to make an order of roughly 300 paper fans with our logo on, which has three colours red, black (and white).

    2:33PM Dec 21st 2010 Ref:36799

    100 / 250 sports_bottles with company logo (have to be re-usable)
    100 / 250 badges with company logo
    200 / 500 pens

    Please advise on lead times. 

    2:31PM Dec 21st 2010 Ref:36798

    200 branded USB memory sticks

    12:04PM Dec 21st 2010 Ref:36797

    Branded picnic blankets, Aprox 500 by end of Feburary 2011.

    10:22AM Dec 21st 2010 Ref:36796

    1 - 500 mechanical pencils/500 Pens
    2 - 1000 mechanical pencils/1000 Pens

    Both quotes to include logo/2 colour print

    Please advise on lead times.

    10:19AM Dec 21st 2010 Ref:36795

    30,000 boxes of 4 chocolate truffles. Branding on the boxes if possible within the timeframe.

    Needed by end of January.

    9:30AM Dec 21st 2010 Ref:36794

    The following items are needed for a workshop:
    - branded folders including notepad inside. Design and colour to be included in quote. Quantity: 50
    - branded pens . white with two colours. Quantity: 100 / 250 / 500
    - leaflet printing. coloured. A4 folded. Quantity: 20,000

    Needed in approx. 2 months

    2:16AM Dec 21st 2010 Ref:36793

    We are looking for pens on which we can have our logo printed on two sides. The logo is one colour, 5,000 units required for delivery to one address and should not exceed 27p per unit. Please advise which product(s) you would recommend and approximate lead times.

    4:54PM Dec 20th 2010 Ref:36792

    I am looking for custom trophies or medals (approx 50) to congratulate somone for having their leg waxed. Novelty award for PR campaign - Any creative solutions welcome! Budget approx. £300

    Needed by 3rd week of January.

    4:29PM Dec 20th 2010 Ref:36791

    I am looking for a pink pens which we can put our white logo on. We would be looking at ordering around 10,000 pens. I would be very grateful if you could get back to me with a quote and some photo’s of what the pen would look like.

    Needed asap.

    2:10PM Dec 20th 2010 Ref:36789

    I am looking for paper bags (size about 43x33x13cm) in white with black printed Logo printed in both sides - 200/300/500

    Please advise on lead times.

    1:48PM Dec 20th 2010 Ref:36788

    500 x Waterproof Pouch/Cosmetic Bag around 20cm(w) 30cm(h) / Clear or frosted / With orange logo printed

    1:11PM Dec 20th 2010 Ref:36786

    Banner pens x 1000

    Please advise on lead times.

    11:16AM Dec 20th 2010 Ref:36785

    I need about 500 plastic carrier bags with handles with my company logo and adress printed on both sides.

    11:02AM Dec 20th 2010 Ref:36784

    50 personalised umbrellas with initials printed on. Umbrellas to be pink or purple.

    They are to be for July 31st 2010

    11:49AM Dec 18th 2010 Ref:36781

    10,000 branded playing cards needed please.

    11:11AM Dec 17th 2010 Ref:36779
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