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    Latest Requests

    500-1000 Red plastic patch carrier_bags with company name, addres and telephone number printed
    size: 12 by 15

    7:16PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45969

    UK manufacturer of 100 10ml to 100ml glass bottles with roll on top/ball please.

    branding: company logo budget is over £100.

    please send quote via email

    6:05PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45968

    250 Flash Drives with Logo

    please email quote

    5:30PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45967

    I am looking for keyrings/pens in the shapre of hockey sticks about 200 as a first order

    will advise of branding. please send quote via email

    5:19PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45966

    36 x black and 36 x white Bell mugs .

    will advise branding. please send quote via email

    4:31PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45965

    500 napkins and 500 paper_plates , both with the company logo (colour) printed in the centre

    please send quote via email

    3:40PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45963

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing 8 tennis bags. Can you let me know how much this costs, and how long it will take to manufacture.

    I would also like to specify one of the following colours. I will need them in either dark blue, tennis green, and dark mauve, or failing that black.

    budget is over £100. please send quote via email

    3:39PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45962

    football flags there badges and name 152cm 91cm 20 flags

    budget is over £100. branding: name of football league. please send quote via email

    3:26PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45961

    I require 500 VINYL stickers - full colour approx 10cm square.
    Also 200 small 25mm badges colour.

    i have max £100 budget which must include delivery and VAT.
    Can you do that for me ?

    2:46PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45959

    500 deep purple silicone_wristbands printed or debossed as cheap as possible as for charity night.

    please send quote via email

    2:28PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45957

    Car stickers to advertise our school. We will need approx 100.
    Size 20cm wide and 7cm deep.

    budget is over £100. please send quote via email

    2:21PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45955

    We are looking to purchase smallish 21cm x 21cm ish white carrier_bags with our blue school logo to hand out at our open day... not sure how many yet but if you can quote for 1000 that would be great.

    please send quote via email

    2:18PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45954

    I am looking for a quote for 1000 black ballpoint_pens with no logo as I will get the logo done in house. Many thanks

    please send quote via email

    2:10PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45953

    I am looking for prices for a leather/PVC size 3 rugby_balls in white red and black, I need process for 5k 7k and 10k,
    Please can you give me a timetable of when you could get the products to me and send a sample.

    Please cadvise of lead times and send quote via email.

    1:52PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45952

    50 laptop_bags with our company Logo

    please send quote via email

    12:39PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45951

    I need 25-30 hair extension brushes with a logo on the back. Reply be email.

    please send quote via email

    12:25PM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45950

    I would like a quote for cheap promotional cigarette lighters - branding: black,  (print will be white of silver)-company name, address and phone number. for 250 -500.

    please send quote via email

    11:58AM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45949

    Pint glasses engraved with a logo x 200

    please send quote via email

    11:48AM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45948

    umbrellas x 200 with Foundation logo printed on
    please send quote via email

    11:43AM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45947

    I need to do some chocolate boxes for my charity organization. The boxes are in Gold and will need to have the charity logo in the front of the plastic cover. The boxes have two sizes.

    -The square one, has 18 cm X 18 cm and inside are covered in gold, plus a a gold card of the same size of the box to cover the chocolates.

    -The rectangular one, has 21,5 cm X 17 Cm and insides is in white, plus white card.

    I have attached some pictures to give you a general idea. Please let me know if this is something that your promotional company could do for us? and if you could send me some sample boxes before getting the all order.

    Please send quote for 100, 200 and 500. send via email

    11:19AM Sep 30th 2011 Ref:45945

    500,1000,1500 paper luggage labels
    2 colours on front
    2/3 colours on the back

    Size approx 6inch long x 2 1/2 ish

    Quantity 500 aand 1000 and 1500

    4:54PM Sep 29th 2011 Ref:45943

    I'm looking for round coffee/tea trays that can be branded with a 4 colour logo - quantity - 500/1,000

    please send quote via email

    4:53PM Sep 29th 2011 Ref:45942

    500 Small adhesive stickers with our company logo in our corporate company colours

    30 Golfing umbrellas in British racing green with our company logo printed on

    500-1000 Corporate colour carrier_bags (british racing green) with our company logo printed on

    please send quote via email

    4:41PM Sep 29th 2011 Ref:45941

    We are looking for 80 "Playing Card" Place cards for a Casino Style Christmas party.

    branding: company name, names of employees and artwork. please send quote via email

    4:32PM Sep 29th 2011 Ref:45940

    magnetic bookmarks - highly glossed and very robust! branded with company name and logo

    please send quote via email and quote for minimum order quantity upwards

    3:39PM Sep 29th 2011 Ref:45938
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